Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m worried that I will look over done, or not like myself.
I can understand that fear. Most people don’t want their makeup piled on. I specialize in natural beauty at making you look like the best version of yourself. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle and posing for photos with all of your imperfections hidden. Your new husband will definitely recognize you walking down the aisle toward him.

How did you begin to work with brides?
I worked in a salon for a few years. There I began to style hair and makeup for bridal parties. My ability to give great service led to referrals. My salon clients and the models that I worked with on photo shoots began to refer their friends to me for their weddings. Those happy brides referred other brides. The ability to make brides so happy drew me in. I love that fact that my work adds to a brides overall happiness on her wedding day.

What bridal services do you offer?
I am a full service beauty provider, specializing in hair and makeup. I style hair, color hair, and apply hair extensions. I apply traditional makeup and offer airbrush services. I am known for my soft, natural, and clean looks. We bring all of these services to wherever you are getting ready for wedding.

What makes you different from all of the other hair and makeup artists?
I am a licensed cosmetologist with a decade of experience. I have done hair and makeup for some of the top runway shows and national magazines. I take pride in the services I provide as well as my artistry. I often take classes to improve my craft. There is nothing better than making a bride beam with excitement over her new look on her special day.

Are you able to do my type of hair? Do you work with all skin tones?
My well rounded background has given me the opportunity to work with all hair textures and skin types. I am comfortable working with all hair and skin textures. My makeup application will enhance all of your best features. In fact you can see a variety of hair types and skin tones here

Do you only do natural makeup and hair?

Not only do I provide a natural look I can give a glamorous red carpet look or a sexy romantic effect. With every look we will enhance your natural beauty and make you feel gorgeous while all eyes are on you.

What if I did not intend on paying for my bridesmaids' makeup applications?
Not a problem. You will still receive the same package price and will only need to collect the payment form your bridal party, as I only collect from one person.

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What to Expect

What should I expect if I hire you?
We’ll begin by discussing the right look for you. You can tell me about the details of your wedding, including the design of your gown. Next we set up a hair and makeup trial. The trial run usually takes about two hours. This will give us enough time to create your dream look for your wedding day. I will make sure that you are completely happy with your look. At this time we will take photos so that you can see exactly how you will photograph on your wedding day. This session will leave you excited, refreshed, and relaxed when it comes to your flawless bridal hair styling and makeup! Your full look will be recorded so your look can be recreated on your wedding day!

What should I expect on my wedding day?

Your big day has arrived and nothing has been left to chance! Now it is time to sit back and relax and laugh with your bridal party while Monae Artistry gets you ready for your close-ups! We come to you for your convenience! Your look will be applied exactly as we practiced! You will be flawless, timeless, and beautiful! You’ve spent a small fortune on your dress and a photographer to name a few…now it is time to protect that investment! You will receive a touch up kit to ensure your radiance throughout the day!

Who do you work best with?
Someone who wants to look her best on her wedding day, knowing it will most likely be the most photographed day of your life. We are here to help you look and feel as beautiful as possible while accenting your natural beauty. Beauty has no restrictions; we have worked with brides from ages 18 to 62. Our job is to bring out your beauty just for you, in other words… we customize the look just for you.

What type of Cosmetics do you use?
Monaè Artistry uses the highest level of prestige brand cosmetics to make you look your absolute best. We carry Make Up For Ever (HD), MAC, and Graftobian, all favorites of top print and commercial makeup artists. The use of these high quality brands ensures that you will look gorgeous in your keepsake bridal photos.
The tradition of using high end, high quality products continue into our hair care. We use Sebastian, Aveda, and System Professional products. These products are found in high end salons. These lines guarantee the ability to style all hair texture and the satisfaction of all clients.

Do you cover tattoos?

Small tattoos are covered at no charge. If they are larger than a closed fist there is a $50 fee.

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Why Hire Brides Made Up?

Why shouldn’t I just buy my makeup at the mall and do it myself?
Bridal makeup differs from the makeup you wear every day. It is more formal and should be appropriate for professional photography. That is a pretty big investment for items you will only use on one day. The proper brushes alone could cost over $100. Not to mention that you still have the stress of worrying if you can apply it the way the counter person taught you. A professional artist alleviates the uncertainty of you possibly not achieving the look you want and would not cost much more than if you had purchased everything needed. Why take a chance right before you walk down the aisle? Take that time to relax!

On one of the most photographed days of your life, you deserve to look your best. This investment will ensure that you will love your look for years to come. You will smile when you show your grandchildren these photos.

Why shouldn't I get my bridal hair and makeup done at the mall?
The mall on the weekend tends to be crowded! You're probably not going to get the attention that you deserve. At the mall you are also a slave to just one cosmetic company's products.
Traveling to the mall on the day of your wedding to be treated like a "make over " customer by whomever is working the counter that day is not the experience you deserve on your wedding day. Let Monae Artistry come to you! Trust me you will need this time to relax, not run pre-wedding errands.

Can Monae Artistry travel to my destination or out of town wedding location to provide services?
We sure can! In addition to our normal bridal package costs for your event, a travel fee based on travel expenses, accommodations and the number of days required for the event will be applied to the total package cost. A minimum deposit of all travel fees will be required.

Okay everything sounds great, but I still have a few questions. Can I contact you to discuss my wedding?
Absolutely! Please contact I can’t wait to hear about you wedding and what you have in mind for your hair and makeup. Be sure to supply your wedding date, event location and the number of people in your bridal party that will be needing services for a detailed quote.

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